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August 06, 2003


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Dickson Beall

Congratulations Al on the launch of GothicLover! Get that camera out and start posting more of your art.

marilyn l. horst

great website! love you, mare

Ron Schuette

Al, your genius keeps popping out. I loved the Gothic Monk via Cubism. Do I miss seeing your signature on the painting? Sandy and I went to the Concordia Art Show. Looking forward to seeing more. It's marvelous seeing you doing what I would love to do but don't do. Your website is terrific!d Ron

Gordon Osing

Your ascetic, Al, is most engaging, made real in his opposition to the mayhem of the material world, and made also most real by it.

Dickson Beall

Hi Al,
Here it is Christmas Eve and I have nothing to do-- so I thought I would drop in with a note.

I'm in Seattle, enjoying the coffee and looking at your site which seems better all the time. Keep on posting.

I particularly like your Brown-eyed Girl. The pose reminds me a little of a painting by Lucian Freud.
And your work at the Soulard Gallery gets my vote for best of show.

Keep up the good work. This, my Christmas card to you-- may we all find walls to be on in 2004.

Linda Anderson-Little

Al- thanks so much for sending me this link! This painting is arresting - especially the eyes. I see the monk is beholding a revelation with one (left) and contemplating it's significance with the other. It's made more startling by the cubist style - magical!

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